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Tourist routes

Discover the places that can be visited nearby


You can fish, take trips directly with the car, you can opt for the routes organized by the guest house or in collaboration with external companies.


Spend your time fishing. The options are diverse. One can fish directly at the location, both on the Danube and on the channel. In this regard, we offer free, from the house, fishing rods and worms.

Places to visit by car in the area

a. Traditional fishing village

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Visit the traditional fishing village, just 50 minutes from the guesthouse. The houses perfectly imitate the traditional Dobrogean houses, each with its own characteristics. They are located in the same way as the Danube is divided into three channels. Each canal is an alley along which you can walk. The houses are built of adobe, whitewashed, with a reed roof and painted in the color of the famous “siniliu” blue.

b. Lake Razim

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Lake Razelm, also known as Razim, is the largest lake in Romania. A freshwater lake, you can find it in the south of the Danube Delta, near the coast of the Black Sea. Initially, it communicated with the Black Sea through the mouths of Periteașca and Portița. But after these two mouths were closed, the lagoon became a freshwater lake.

c. Tulcea Aquarium

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The Tulcea Aquarium is a tourist attraction not to be missed when you arrive in the Danube Delta. It is the largest public aquarium in Romania. A visit here will introduce you to the world of the Delta, revealing at the same time some of the secrets of the Delta. Thematic temporary exhibitions are also worth seeing. The aquarium in Tulcea is a place to visit, a favorite for families and not only. Anyone who arrives here, within the museum center, will leave impressed.

d. Tulcea Art Museum

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The Art Museum of Tulcea is one of the most elegant and grandiose buildings of the city on the banks of the Danube. It has a precious and generous heritage consisting of collections of oriental art, painting, decorative art, engraving, graphics, sculpture, or icons.

e. Heroes Monument

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The Independence Monument in Tulcea is erected in honor of the heroes of the War of Independence. It is located on Monument hill, in the park with the same name. There you can also find the ruins of the Aegyssus Fortress. It represents the main tourist attraction of the municipality, due to its location which offers a panoramic view of the city from the point where Danube flows in the sea.

d. Avramide House

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Avramide House was built at the end of the 19th century by Alexandru Avramide. He was perhaps the richest man in Tulcea County at that time, owner of mills, workshops, commercial premises, and a sawmill, but also of large agricultural areas. All family assets were nationalized. They are in a very good state of preservation, from paintings to furniture and finishes. It is a truly impressive heritage house.

Routes organized by the guesthouse

Route map

Embark on an adventure by boat on the chanells or the Danube, accompanied by pelicans and rare birds. You can visit the Sontea, Olguța, Ocolitor, Centura, Razboinita, Păpădia channels. Each one is unique. Lakes Fortuna, Baclanesti, Rotund, and Ciobanica shelter colonies of pelicans, swans, geese, and ducks in their natural environment. Here you can admire landscapes of rare beauty.


boat rides on the canals (70 lei / person / hour)

boat rides on the canals (400 lei / hour / boat)

Route 1: Archipenco canal, Papadia Veche, Garla Sontea, Baclanestii Mari lake and return (Duration: 5h)

( ! ) Please check by phone, email or whatsup the availability and posibility to take these trips. Include as many details about what is that you wish to visit.

Routes in collaboration with external companies

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Departure from Sulina:
For the trips on the Sulina branch (e.g. the forest and horses from Letea or the city of Sulina), you can request to be picked up directly from the guest house pontoon, by adding the explanation of the location: “Mile 29 + 200m, at the exit from Partizani”. Such a one-day trip can be a visit to Sulina City.
Sulina was an important river and seaport during the Byzantine and later Genoese and Turkish periods but has lost its importance today due to the construction of larger ports (including Galați, Braila, …). Once you get there by speed boat, you can go to the beach or have a meal in the easternmost city of Romania. It is a very good starting point towards the point where the Danube flows in the sea or the island of the Birds. It is also called K Island by the locals. This is a wonderful place, a piece of land near Sulina, to which only birds have easy access. It was called K Island because, when it was formed, it resembled the letter K.
The visit to  Letea forest can start from Sulina. Here you can find the most numerous horses in the whole area of the Danube Delta. There are currently around 500 horses. Tourists who venture on a longer route to Letea forest have a good chance of seeing these wild horses. You can see them grazing or running on the meadows at the edge of the forest. And the Caraorman forest is worth seeing, being of rare beauty. About 160 horses live here.